This application is a demonstration of the bitcoin lightning network. Therefore, we currently only accept bitcoin payments over the lightning network. You may purchase usage of our SMS polling service in increments of 5 minutes. The price per 5-minute increment becomes less if you buy a larger quantity. These kind of micro-transactions would be impossible to do with traditional payment methods without pre-loading a much larger amount first. After your initial purchase, you can buy more at any time.

Included with all paid service

  • Unlimited polls
  • Unlimited responses per poll
  • Multiple Choice Polls
  • Word Clouds


  • Less than 2 hours: 100 satoshis per 5-minutes
  • Between 2 hours and 1 day: 60 satoshis per 5-minutes
  • Between 1 day and 1 week: 30 satoshis per 5-minutes
  • 1 week or greater: 15 satoshis per 5-minutes


Sign up for a free account. Login and create your polling questions and answers for free. When you are ready to activate your poll, you must purchase some service time. Since we are using bitcoin payments over lightning network, we allow you to purchase very small amounts of time. For example, you can purchase as little as 5 minutes of service time for less than 1 cent. Or you can pay for a longer period of time (at even better rates). You will maintain the same phone number only while you have a paid account. So if you desired to keep the same phone number for a longer time, you would need to ensure that your paid account never expires during that time.


There are no refunds during this beta period. However, you can easily demo the service for mere cents. So feel free to give it a try by purchasing a small amount in the beginning. However, if something does goes horribly wrong with our service while you have a paid account, we will attempt to make it right.

No Phone Numbers Available?

We currently have a limited number of phone numbers available during this beta period. You must wait until someone else's paid service has expired. However, as we monitor usage, we will quickly increase our maximum capacity to keep up with demand. Also, we are only supporting US phone numbers during the initial launch. We plan to add other countries soon as we see demand.